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Hottest comment thread. This is where the work pays off. And then he would be so wild pregame he worried he was going to hit a hot dog vendor with a ball. During the offseason, Hagerty returned to Defiance. Held ran a fall-ball camp for local kids in which he taught the fundamentals of throwing. Hagerty attended. Next to middle schoolers who looked half his size, he did drills on one knee, trying to remember how to throw. In , the Cubs suggested he play independent ball with the Rockford Riverhawks.

The next year, he went into camp with the Chicago White Sox. They cut him mid-spring. Hagerty latched on with the Schaumburg Flyers, an indy-ball team about 30 miles west of Chicago. He lasted eight games. We did late work. We did all kinds of stuff. Working's easy when you know how to do it. People would've quit.

I just couldn't quit. I didn't care. Of course I was embarrassed and everything, but I couldn't quit. I'm going to figure this out. I don't know what it is. I'm gonna get this.

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It's gonna be fine. We'll be back to normal. We'll be good. Hagerty tried to find logic where it didn't exist. He called his mom one day. He was sitting on a hot curb, holding a sack lunch, waiting for a van to pick him up and take him to a game. Bretta never allowed her children to feel sorry for themselves.

If there's a problem, she always said, work through it. There's a lot of ways to go. Apparently yours is digging a tunnel to China and back. After Schaumburg released Hagerty, the calls stopped. So did the bromides. Nobody was telling him he would figure it out anymore. He had taken solace, or at least as much solace as someone so broken can take, from those words.

He remembers Oneri Fleita, then the Cubs' farm director, telling Hagerty sometime around that when he beats the yips, Fleita simply wants to be in the movie about it. Anything to motivate him. Anything to make him feel like he can see that light. He didn't want to watch it, listen to it, hear about it. A year earlier, he had met a cancer researcher named Rachel Rempel. He passed his test to be a certified strength and conditioning specialist and bounced around a few gyms in the Phoenix area before coming to terms with his future.

That's part of the challenge when it does. It's like your identity. You can't get rid of that. When he started X2 Athletic Performance in Scottsdale, Hagerty figured most of his clients would be baseball players. What that meant, of course, was he would need to pick up a baseball again. The first time Hagerty touched a ball after his career ended, nothing mystical happened. No jolt of lightning up his arm or tingling sensation. This was work. This was his job.

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  • A gangly teenager who came in to train named Austin Davis would throw the ball to Hagerty, and Hagerty would throw it to him, and it didn't exactly seem natural to Hagerty, but it wasn't foreign, either. His left hand didn't tremble. The ball came out firm enough. Nobody there could tell he had the yips. As he threw more, Hagerty felt more comfortable showing off his arm strength.

    His students marveled. He could hit 94 again. They encouraged him to come back. He shrugged. Maybe some day. He and Rachel had a newborn daughter, Elan. He went to throw one afternoon in August with the Sonoran Explorers in the defunct Freedom Pro Baseball League, and in a quick-and-dirty Facebook post, he said he felt better than he had since his first season with the Cubs: "Its time for the real Luke to make an appance.

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    Its been 10 yrs but I found him. Its about to get nasty. Hagerty needed more for X2.

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    He wanted it to be Phoenix's most progressive facility. He was an early adopter of teaching using programs with overweight and underweight balls to promote gains in velocity.

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    He searched online for a 4-ounce ball and found the website of Driveline Baseball, a small, performance-focused training lab in Seattle. Hagerty marveled at the trove of research-based knowledge but didn't want to blindly implement it on teenage arms. Hagerty was his own best test subject.

    The Driveline program suited him. Lots of throwing with high intensity and velocity into nets. No hitter. No visualizations gone wrong. Hagerty could let balls fly with impunity. He knew the game could be lonely.

    Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12) Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12)
    Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12) Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12)
    Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12) Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12)
    Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12) Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12)
    Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12) Twin Chance (Luke Chance Book 12)

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