Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition)

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Dear Prof. Kind regards. There will be no miracle at all. A class of parasites is leading Italy since decades — politicians, bureaucrats, subsidised businessmen, and a lot common people just taking money they should not from welfare or useless state-funded jobs. And some Italian region, is already and officially discussing to keep a separatist referendum, like Slovenia more than 20 years ago. The idea that all the problems of Italy are rooted in the south is groundless and inconsistent. Separatism is becoming fashionable in EU but is a very dangerous temptation that would eventually determine the end of Europe.

Who reasons like this in the 21st century? Singapore looks to you weak and powerless?

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People from Luxembourg or Lichtestein are poor and exploited? Czechs are weaker now than when they were with the Slovaks? What about South Koreans, should they join the North just to be stronger? Besides, who gives a rat ass if Italy is strong or weak? The question here is what is best for the 60 millions people that are collectively known as italians. And, most importantly, what they perceive is their best interest, not the prescriptions of aspiring Napoleons. If separatism is a principle it should be applied to any country….

Small countries work better not always because they are not many. What would happen if Europe would be made of or States like Singapore? The advantage of being a small Country would no longer exist, and we would only have hundreds of new borders, currencies, languages, and nationalism surfacing among the new micro-states…. My first post a few days ago was exactly about that, but I as a free-market anarchist think an Europe with hundreds of city-states to be much better than the current one dominated by nation-states although not yet perfect: I would prefer a complete agorist society with no State at all.

An Europe with hundreds of city-states, and with free movement of people, allows each one of us to choose the political system best suited. Also, I really believe this is the future: the old empires or the nation-states worked because agriculture used to be such an important part of global GDP.

Extracting rents from the countryside i. Look, there is really no reason why, for example, relative westernized citizens of Instambul have to live in an islamic state based on the votes of more traditional people from the interior of Turkey, or why the very productive citizens of Sao Paolo have to subsidize corrupt politicians whose power base is in the North of Brasil.

I know that we have been raised thinking that the State, and especially the nation-state, is a necessary part of any society, but it is simply not true. Unfortunately in Europe we have not been exposed in school or generally during life to libertarian thinking, but there is a world of options out there outside the statism of the Left or the Right. Maybe you will enjoy the travel as much as I did.

The author neglects to remember that Italians believe in miracles. Just as 60 years ago they got the Marshall Plan to boost them out of poverty, they are now looking to Google to do the same. Beppe Grillo take the reigns and steer us towards the clear. Love is all you need, all you need is Love, Love, Love, Love. In ten years time, Italy and the rest of the Mediterranean will be doing absolutely fine, with booming exports of luxury goods to the fast growing consumer class of Asia and Latin America.

Germany will be an economic disaster, struggling with massive unemployment, a collapsed export base and an unsustainable welfare system, especially pensions.

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France will be on its way to becoming the largest and most dynamic economy on the European continent. This should all be obvious to anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the history of financial crises, which are generally what happens at the end of a globalization cycle, of which there have been many before with global financial crises happening in the s, s, s, s, s , and which always hit deficit nations first, and always conclude with sovereign defaults or debt restructuring and the deficit nations going back to trend while the surplus nations get shafted.

In ten years Italy will much more likely have a NEW strongman, Italians are sheep which occasionally turn into ferocious beasts when the bread is not on the table. Of course I make no predictions regarding the possible state of European democracy, although I agree with the pessimistic outlook. It is very likely that Med nations will follow the lead of France and elect right-wing strong wo men who will put in place radically left wing economic programmes while bashing migrants. Nationalist right wingers are the only ones left defending social democracy and the European welfare state, while supposedly social-democratic parties have bought into the neo-liberal drivel utterly and completely.

Hopefully we have grown enough as European citizens to avoid going to war with each other again, and keep the replay of the s to a minimum. Then we can have another 50 years of sane economic management and shared prosperity, and start tackling the actual problems we face climate change rather than waging a moral crusade against public debt i. And when another Thatcher or Reagan pops up, we can directly strung them from the lampposts and avoid another 30 wasted years.

I wish I was born elsewhere, I have no hope left for my future. You can! I moved from Italy to Australia when I was 43, not easy but absolutely worth the sacrifices implied in such a choice.

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And if you choose a closer country distance is not even a problem. Good luck! Italy could be already in a mess, but the article is too much catastrophic. The debt is made up of public and private debt, and if we sum both Italy is not in a bad position, indeed it results much better than that one of Japan, US, UK, France and Germany. The big mistake in the article is to consider Italy as an ordinary country, Italy has peculiarities and characteristics that set it apart from the rest of Europe, and has always been like this.

Italy is Italy……. I live in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, one of the more successful regions, and factories and businesses are closing down every week by the dozen. New businesses open up, and fail within a month or two because no one is spending, or has money to spend.

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I almost never watch the news over here, but this week I turned on TG1 and was amazed at just how clueless the politicians were in their latest amendment to the budget and the reporting that went on about it. The problem is that Italy has had bad leadership for way too long. Berlusconi was the nail in the coffin, but they were bad before and bad even now. The fabricated world of self-centered illusion offered by Berlusconi really was the worst possible path for this country to go down, as petty much every other country recognized, yet we ended up down it the same; selfishness, narcissism, irresponsibility, dishonesty and fantasy won out at a time when reality was more needed than ever.

Italy is just fine, we are going through a terrible financial crisis, but Italy is doing just fine, it could have been much worse, none of us lost his house, none of our parents lost the pension, the debt growth is steady. Look at the debt of USA if you wanna be scared by the big numbers! And everybody was ok with that, not just politicians. You understand what I mean, do you? I think you do… And maybe those people were family friends, that we never reported to authorities for what they were: thieves! Ask Zoppas why they sold one of the most successful italian companies to Swedish instead….

Abbiamo idee, capitale umano e tecnologie per farlo. Il Nuovo Rinascimento italiano deve partire da un nuovo approccio alla soluzione dei problemi mediante un disegno sistemico, integrato e transdisciplinare con una visione di lungo periodo. Le condizioni di partenza del Tardo Medievo in Italia non erano certo migliori di quelle che abbiamo oggi, ma i nostri antenati furono capaci con le loro idee di influenzare e cambiare il mondo. La situazione oggi si ripete. Esistono ingenti capitali che aspettano solo di essere diretti da una visione strategica e non da interessi di breve periodo.

Fontana L. FResearch Goldthwaite — Johns Hopkins University Press, p. Esistono solo gli italiani europei, homo sapiens..

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E ne hanno piene le scatole delle indicazioni di sapienti e dottori. Trovatevi un fondo di private equity e convincetelo a mettere qualche decina di miliardi.

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Matt, generalization is always wrong. I am Italian; I live and work in London. I would say that your comment is simply superficial and arrogant…Let me check how many of my English colleagues speak another language or they know what Renaissance is…here we go:zero. You are right, Simone! So few speak another language fluently! Pingback: Italia a picco senza ritorno? Not true. Scandinavian taxation level is higher. Corruption is almost non existent there.

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Stop spreading lies, Italian taxation level is a consequence of the widespread corruption, not the other way around. Italian people do NOT want any serious reform. We like to live in a dream… until it turns to nightmare. Hence, your hypothesis that the state is the cause of our situation is simply flawed. Not logical. Well, the question is: how democratic is this technocratic way of thinking? A very comprehensive post, whose conclusion can hardly be countered. Yet, in my view, I see some points missing on the process of disbanding that led to the current situation.

The drivers of the Italian decline are both endogenous and exogenous. What we have instead is fierce and almost law-less France and Germany have repeatedly breached the Maastricht parameters, with no sanctions competition, which inevitably requires all peripheral governments to bring about measures of internal devaluation of the real salaries less public expenditures, high taxes, etc…. To put it bluntly, the EU political economy is based on mercantilist and beggar-thy-neighbour flawed assumptions.

The second exogenous driver stands in the current institutional governance of the EU, which in its own terms replicates what Orsi evidenced in the current Presidential drift of the Italian constitutional system. The EU suffers from a true crisis of democratic legitimacy even eminent constitutionalists claim it, J. What should be added is that throughout history these processes not only have proved untenable, but even socially and politically dangerous.

Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition) Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition)
Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition) Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition)
Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition) Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition)
Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition) Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition)
Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition) Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition)
Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition) Tesina: Lacqua (Italian Edition)

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