Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition)

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Working hours are Mon to Fri 7am to 7pm with two nights babysitting a week one of which may fall on a Friday night. For our client in the Southern part of The Netherlands we are looking for a butler - house manager. This is a private family with two children. This is a position in which you will travel with the family to their second home in Belgium as well to wintersport. The Personal Assistant plays an important role directly with both Principals at their primary residence in San Francisco.

This individual is part of a larger team working across several properties around the world and is expected to demonstrate superior written, oral and social skills at the highest level of competency and excellence. Excellence for this family is defined as the thoughtful balance of conscientiousness, kindness and confidentiality. A successful candidate will be hyper-focused on the smallest of details and very organized, aware of the big picture and intentional about every action.

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We are looking for a butler in private service for a royal client. This is a unique position at a very high level. Care of the smooth running of the household, care of wardrobe, dealing with vendors and suppliers for daily business, serving, preparing breakfast and all butler tasks involved. An employer in Germany Saksen is looking for a male butler — chauffeur in the age range of The position is a replacement. Of course you provide all other butler tasks amongst others maintenance of the house and garden. Of course you have a clean police report and experience in executive driving.

Main duties will be taking care of the family and their apartment to the highest standards for four days per week and the same for one day per week for the brother. Working days will be from Monday to Friday, but on occasion they will ask for assistance in a weekend. The family is looking for a candidate who likes to evolve with the family and commits herself for at least three years.

You speak English, French or Dutch, preferably all.

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The couple will be working for a German family of two, in their residence at the beautiful Island of Mallorca. The family is looking for a German speaking couple who will take care of the wellbeing of the family for a long period. Adventurers or job hoppers are requested not to apply. Next to the usual butler tasks you will provide housekeeping, cooking, taking care of the laundry, gardening, driving etcetera.

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There is no other staff. This is a full-time position. Preferable for a couple who already lives at Mallorca. Otherwise the family will assist infinding housing. Salary is in line with the position and experience. Main duties for the butler will be taking care of the married couple and their villa to the highest standards, cooking, helping with some gardening, keeping the house clean and do shopping.

Of course you provide all other butler tasks. Most important is that the couple will have a peaceful and quiet old-age period. Abenteurer oder Job-Hopper werden gebeten, sich nicht zu bewerben. Es gibt kein anderes Personal. Das Gehalt entspricht der Position und Erfahrung. The couple will be working for a German family of two, in their residence in the neighborhood of Frankfurt. The age is not important, but not older than fifty is preferred. This is a full-time position with a staff house available at the premises.

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We are looking for candidates for a small family of four 2 parents and 2 young children, age 3 and 1,5 in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. The family is looking for a butler taking care of the family and the house a condominium at the top penthouse , 18, sq. You are patient, prompt, highly organized, needs to be told something only once, highly disciplined maintaining scheduled duties, able to perform under pressure. The age is not important, but a not too young female candidate is preferred because of the two young children.

There are 2 security guards, 1 part-time nanny, part time cleaner.

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This is a full-time, live-in position. You will report directly to the principals. A small family of two plus dogs. As they are very reserved, they are looking for a couple who can take care directly of the household mansions including cooking, formal table service and laundry. The family is composed of the husband and wife and a 6 year old daughter who has a full time nanny. Ideally they would like to find two energetic figures, active and "hands-on" for traditional domestic activities.

It is not a managerial position so they are not looking for a staff manager but an autonomous couple experienced in the tradition of a formal household. In any case, traditional house cooking and formal "French" table serving as well as a true disposition towards hospitality are essential, even if it is a single figure as they feel in that case all other mansions can be aided by outsourcing. For one of our clients in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we are looking for a young, professional and dedicated butler — personal assistant.

For this position a younger and flexible person who is capable to do - next to the normal butler duties - , administrative support, booking flight tickets, walking with the dogs, office support, place orders, etc. The candidate must be able to deal on professional basis with informality. Independency, accuracy, confidentiality and liability are key words. This is a live-out position, but preferable in Amsterdam. If needed, staying overnight is possible. Salary and secondary labor benfits are negotiable. You speak English and Dutch. For one of our VIP clients we are looking for a replacement of the retired butler, preferable trained at The International Butler Academy.

Main duties for the CoH will be managing the high expectations of the owners of the condominiums, delivering with the staff the corresponding high service level. The CoH will work in close co-operation with the General Manager, especially in creating a longterm service vision. New sales records are achieved every year in sports sponsorship as well as in the trade in sporting goods, sports rights, tickets or team merchandising. This in itself entails a high demand for labor.

Secure language skills and experience abroad are becoming increasingly important in sports marketing.

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Very few working in the sports business live off the proceeds of being an active athlete. Professional athletes are flanked by hundreds of thousands of jobs in sales, design and product management. Marketing is one of the largest and most interesting areas. The success an athlete or team can achieve always depends on many components.

Why did you learn German?

But marketing always plays a key role. Depending on the sport, application and employer, other tasks often await and require different skills. The ways to get started are just as diverse — from a classic business administration degree to a degree in sports marketing or sports management to lateral entry for ex-professional athletes and sports journalists.

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  • A selective view of the possible fields of application is helpful to gain an idea of the variety of sports jobs in marketing that are available: event marketing, sponsoring, ticketing, social media responsibilities, merchandising, market and brand research, brand development, rights marketing, B2B marketing, advertising, internationalization, etc.

    Despite the wide range of tasks and sports jobs, sports marketing focuses on two major objectives: On the one hand, it involves the optimal marketing of athletes, sports, sports teams and organizations. On the other hand, it involves marketing products and services from other industries, including sports. It involves image building or image transfer, which form the basis of communications and economics as well as market research.

    The emotions of prospective customers play a greater role in sports marketing than in other industries. Marketing teams must understand this, serve this principle loyally and manage this. To sum up the above points, applicants must meet the following requirements in particular: They must have a high affinity for sports and be able to represent a particular brand or sport and present it as valuable. This requires discipline and creativity.

    Sports companies in turn make sure to engender attachment to the respective brand among their employees so as to generate a high degree of honest support and loyalty.

    go here It makes no difference here whether the employee is a marketing intern or the marketing director. The wide range of sports jobs in marketing holds another advantage for applicants: the huge number of locations.

    Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition) Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition)
    Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition) Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition)
    Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition) Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition)
    Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition) Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition)
    Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition) Kein Job für eine Lady (German Edition)

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