Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3

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I once spent a year in the manuscript room of the old French National Library on the Rue de Richelieu. Toward the end of my stay, the curator offered to give me a going-away present: a day at my carrel with any manuscript in her archives. I had nearly all of French literature to choose from, but there was no contest.

Writers of an ironic temperament revere it for the qualities that have alienated the larger reading public: its arduous purity of style; its uncompromising pessimism, free of cant; and its refusal to ennoble human nature. Less of the world is more for him because there can never be enough, and his discouragement with life sets the bar that his pitiless ambition keeps forcing him to transcend. The writer so wary of self-indulgence was profligate with ink and paper.

He covered his leaves minutely, on both sides, with wiry black script. Almost every line is altered or crossed out, then recopied dozens of times. The manuscript has the aspect of a battlefield on which each inch of forward momentum has been wrested at exorbitant human cost from an implacable enemy.

Anyone foolhardy enough to enter the lists with Flaubert must submit to the ordeal-by-humiliation of sharing a page with his sentences, and Wall survives. His style has flair if at times too much , and so does his erudition. Earlier biographers have mapped the terrain in multiple volumes.

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Wall is not as dogged as Enid Starkie, as urbane as Francis Steegmuller, or as microscopic as Sartre. Flaubert might also have argued against spoiling the effect of such a deliciously incriminating catalogue with the clutter of elaboration.

Flaubert had just turned twenty-six. He had given up his law studies and had seen something of the world.

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His father and sister had recently died. He had also embraced his vocation, though its path was obscure. Flaubert would always be a frugal recycler. Neither the patient nor his family would ever admit the truth: that Flaubert had epilepsy. They spent the evening listening to Bouilhet recite his poetry. But, as the palace wine cellars were emptied, their contents fuelled a spree of looting and vandalism.

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Their age of disaffections was still remote when Flaubert and Du Camp—who had exchanged friendship rings in a spirit of manly Hellenic devotion—left France, in October of , for eighteen months of vagabondage in the Romantic holy lands of southern Europe and the Middle East. Wall gives the flavor of their journey to the Orient in a gamy little inventory of the souvenirs that Flaubert shipped home:.

All the gazelle skins and the lizard skins had been devoured by worms; the pots of ibis. But many other items. One small crocodile, Nubian, embalmed. Ten feet of gold-embroidered fabric wool and silk from Beirut.

A new biography of Flaubert distills his life.

Rosaries, eight dozen, from Jerusalem. So the fact that she's named is a big deal. In the Gospel of John, Jesus actually appears to Mary Magdalene alone after his Resurrection, and instructs her to tell his disciples of his return John One was to turn her into a prostitute.

In A. It diminishes her in some way. She had a special status.

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Jesus at the table in the house of the Pharisee, receiving the visit of Mary Magdalene, depicted as a prostitute bowing at Jesus's feet. The Gospel of Mary, a text dating from the second century A. Their explanations are strained, however. We need only to read the Sermon on the Mount Matthew to see this. Moses had great compassion on the Israelites. He did not desire to see a large-scale execution.

Moses also knew that God was merciful and compassionate Exodus When the first generation of Israelites worshipped the golden calf, God threatened to wipe out the entire nation, but due to the intercession of Moses, the nation was spared Exodus We should recall that on this occasion Moses commanded the Levites to take their swords and to kill friends and neighbors Exodus This was without a specific command from God to do so.

This dramatic response brought the people back under control and spared them from much more extensive punishment. I would like to believe that Moses did not take the dramatic action God commanded because he knew that God would be gracious, and indeed He was, as the following verses of Numbers 25 will indicate. So the plague was stopped from the Israelites. He was a leader over the people of a clan of Midian. The Israelites had accepted the invitation to dine with the Moabites, and thus they became participants in sexual and religious harlotry.

God had commanded Moses to publicly execute all the leaders of the nation. Moses commanded the judges to put those to death who had engaged in this sin. So far as our text indicates, not so much as one person had been put to death by any Israelite. God began to take action personally by means of a plague.

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We are not told when the plague started, but only that it stopped verse 8. It has taken me a while to catch the significance of verse 6, but this verse really goes a long way in explaining why God took this matter so seriously: Just then one of the Israelites came and brought to his brethren a Midianite woman, before the eyes of Moses, and in the plain view of all the whole community of the Israelites, while they were weeping at the entrance of the tent of meeting.

For some time the plague had been taking its toll among the Israelites; thousands were dying. These weeping Israelites seem to have been godly Jews who were mourning there on account of this sin, and the outburst of divine displeasure that it had produced. It takes little imagination to figure out what was happening inside that tent when Phinehas arrived, but we must certainly conclude that from his actions, this fellow has involved his family in his sin. The family tent into which the couple entered appears to have been a certain distance from the tent of meeting.

His family became his partners in crime. I want to pause for a moment to reflect upon the mention of this family and their passive acceptance of what this young man has done. I do not think the mention of this family is merely trivial detail, especially in the light of these later verses in our text:. My friend, Lee Hall, called an important observation to my attention.

The parents of this young man and young woman were both leaders. It was not the leaders who committed this specific sin, but their children. Does this not help to explain why God commanded Moses to put all the leaders to death? I think it does. His family seemed to be watching it all happen, without raising so much as a word of protest. I believe an important principle is evident here: the sins which leaders knowingly choose to condone or to tolerate become sins for which the leaders are also responsible.

Is this not evidenced in Scripture? Was Eli not partially responsible for tolerating the sins of his sons 1 Samuel 2?

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Then there was Jacob before them, who seemed all too passive in dealing with the violation of his daughter and the revenge brought about by his sons Genesis No wonder the Israelites were admonished as parents to deal with their disobedient children Deuteronomy ; Proverbs ; ; This is why Paul sets this qualification down for church leaders:.

It is sad to say that in the church today, there are parents who choose to cling to their children rather than to rebuke and discipline them, because their commitment to their children is greater than their commitment to their God and to His Word. Now, on the other hand, we read that an Israelite deliberately carries out his sin in view of all, and once again no one does anything about it. He knew as all Israel should have known that God had forbidden such immorality and idolatry.

I am going to drive out before you the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Hittite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite.

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He also knew that those who practiced this kind of immorality were to be put to death. Filled with zeal for God, Phinehas stood up in the middle of the assembly in the sight of all , took a spear in hand, and went after the Israelite man and his mistress. It would appear that by the time he reached the tent they were already engaged in sexual sin, and so with one thrust of his spear he put both the man and the woman to death.

With this one act of religious zeal, Phinehas not only puts an end to the sin of these two people, he also brings to an end the plague which God had brought upon Israel, a plague which had already taken the lives of 24, Israelites.

Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3 Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3
Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3 Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3
Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3 Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3
Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3 Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3
Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3 Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3
Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3 Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3
Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3 Heart of a Prostitute, Spirit of a Saint Part 3

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