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Relacionado con este aspecto, se encuentra el uso constante del verbo modal deber.

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Sin embargo, su uso indiscriminado deja en claro la dificultad que tiene el estudiante para construir juicios que perfilen su postura posicionamiento frente al hecho evaluado y que le permita tomar distancia al realizar las evaluaciones. Andriessen, Jerry Muller Miza y A-N.

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Carlino, Paula Escribir, leer y aprender en la universidad. Charaudeau, Patrick Bourdon y F. Jost, eds. Chi, Michelene. Ericsson ed. Davison, Catherine y Tomic, Alice An American perspective", en C. Jones, J. Turner y B. Street eds. Students writing in the university. Du Bois, John. Englebretson ed. Subjetivity, evaluation, interation, Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. Farris, Christine y Smith, Raymond Writing across the curriculum. A guide to developing programs, Newbury Parck: Sage Publications, pp.

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Edited by Santiago Mutis. First Edition. Rappaport Rappaport, J. New York : Cambridge University Press.

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She analyses the influence of oral stories in the political practices of the Nasa and shows how the reinterpretation of the past is a mechanism that they use to address political struggles. Following Rappaport on how Nasa historical memory might help them to survive the present, this study aims to ascertain how the Nasa frame the GI history and the role played by these framing processes in how indigenous guards manage violent conflicts every day. Our interest derives from our fieldwork, as we could observe that these topics are a clear and important part of Nasa survival strategies.

Furthermore, in a post-conflict context in Colombia, initiatives like the GI could bring valuable insights about challenges and opportunities for a sustainable peace. This study adopts a qualitative interpretative approach in which individuals are seen as members of a community of meaning, where traditions, practices, language, and other cultural elements provide them with the materials to produce their meaning-making of everyday events Yanow and Schwartz-Shea Yanow, D.

Interpretation and Method. New York and London : M. Researchers using the interpretative approach interact with their informants in their own conditions and circumstances Haverland and Yanow Haverland, M. Therefore, during fieldwork we employed ethnographic methods. In this study, how the Nasa frame their GI history, and how this framing process affects their actions and practices, were analysed from a language-based perspective. Framing refers to the discursive strategies that people deploy to achieve certain goals Entman Entman, R.

Depending on what is being framed, Gray Gray, B. We therefore analyse three types of framing processes: framing the issue, framing identities, and framing others. We argue that the Nasa strategically frame GI history through four identification stories and, by doing so, construct their historical memory and reconstruct their collective identity, moving towards a non-violent collective identity which, indeed, aims to contribute to sustainable peace in Colombia. The researcher collaborated in the activities of the organisation, supported communication tasks, and joined informal events.

The idea was to live, as much as possible, as an ACIN member. The primary methods used for data collection were participant observation, semi-structured interviews, informal conversations, and document analysis. Field notes were collected on date, place, activities, perceptions, and fragments of conversations.

In total, the first author visited 13 ACIN communities, engaged in participant observation in 31 ACIN meetings about immediate political and violent events relating to the organisation, and joined 14 GI actions to manage conflicts.

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In addition, a convenience sample of 31 indigenous guards and leaders from different communities and of different ages were interviewed video-recorded during their daily activities. From this group, six key informants were selected, who constantly provided background information in specific situations and contexts. These interactions were recorded on video or audio, except for those that took place spontaneously, which were described in field notes. Interviews were audio-taped, transcribed verbatim, and then translated from Spanish to English.

Framing analysis was conducted for interviews and official documents. Events and frames relating to GI history were coded and selected. Field notes were used for reflection, reviewing our interpretations, and elaborating thick descriptions Geertz Geertz, C. New York : Basic Books.

Community members become guards on a voluntary basis. Guard members also participate actively in organising meetings, rituals, and capacity-building workshops. How these stories were chosen and became the keystones of GI identity was beyond the scope of this study. Guards participate in community assemblies, capacity-building activities, political training, and workshops in general, and they perhaps learn some of these stories there. In fieldwork, however, it was possible to observe that oral tradition is a cornerstone in how the Nasa organise the GI.

Young guards are constantly curious and ask the elders about their past stories, and, in conversations, people mention caciques leaders; female cacicas as if they know them and add characteristics and adjectives to describe them. Hence, historical characters are very much present in their conversations. In the following section, we present a historical introduction to each identification point, followed by an analysis of the framing processes in each story, that is, which events they select when talking, how they present their actions and themselves, and with what purpose.

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In pre-colonial times, indigenous communities in Northern Cauca were not pacific people who lived in harmony with their environment. Colombia nuestra. Colombia : Nuestras Ediciones. Ariel Ruiz. Los paeces: Gente territorio. According to the literature Rappaport Rappaport, J.

Resguardos and cabildos were created by the Spanish conquerors in to organise and allocate indigenous populations in particular territories.

En defensa propia  y ajena (Spanish Edition) En defensa propia y ajena (Spanish Edition)
En defensa propia  y ajena (Spanish Edition) En defensa propia y ajena (Spanish Edition)
En defensa propia  y ajena (Spanish Edition) En defensa propia y ajena (Spanish Edition)
En defensa propia  y ajena (Spanish Edition) En defensa propia y ajena (Spanish Edition)
En defensa propia  y ajena (Spanish Edition) En defensa propia y ajena (Spanish Edition)
En defensa propia  y ajena (Spanish Edition) En defensa propia y ajena (Spanish Edition)
En defensa propia  y ajena (Spanish Edition) En defensa propia y ajena (Spanish Edition)

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