Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests

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This is important as the dual narrative of seeing things from a non conforming zealous 'cult' or 'religion' or 'system' of belief as opposed to the ever flowing dynamic of the modern system of disbelief based on lack of beliefs. The Plymouth Brethren or Pilgrim Fathers of yore are most likely the origin story here, The Mayflower sailed to Massachusetts with the disconcerted Puritans who had fled here, Holland and Ireland.

Possibly mixed in to add a flavour is the post Inquisition Dominican Order of Philip III of Spain as partly with the main family being called Santos, that feels like a fit of sorts. I assume it's simply a 'Red Book' like many old bibles were It was a puzzling time back then, religion did cause a lot of disharmony and the insulation within their communities then is mirrored brilliantly here, we get little glimpses of wanting some ordinary modernity due to the 'right' person saying it's a progressive move, but really it's a worrying look at how to avoid anything modern for the exclusivity of striving for a pure life and ascension with a clean slate, all very much seen in certain cults.

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We must add that the plot of what modern technology and it's potential for devilment and spreading like a virus of disgust is equally well measured. Rose and her ability to act and overcome pretty much all that is stacked against her is just delightful, she really is such a strong and brilliant character, it's a shame she may only exist in this one book! The almost nasty look at life in the underclass of 'near us' is done with a beautiful brutality, but also with flair for humour within situations, it's not laughingly funny it's ironical and observational.

The stuff about Harry Potter and squibs being one instance. Playing Simon and Garfunkel who are seriously the best duo you will ever hear for lyricism, observation and harmony. They are used cleverly as the unheard soundtrack for how Rudder deals with life. Plus his love of Maria and dance! But we must touch on Rose and her perils, she shows how easily you can succumb to temptations and the woes of the digital age. Yet, she is also able to be practical and old fashioned in many ways.

She is ever resourceful and so, so brave.

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Her decisions are an integral part of the plot, you really do get a feel for her and the situation she is in, she is so unselfish and really is a beacon of what we all could be in relation to choices made. I always try and not do spoilers, I want a feel for the book and what it maybe about not a telling of what happens. I'd like to think a few of you read within the reading of that I try and do.

Part detective novel, certainly part observation on morality and class and genuinely a very powerful look at beliefs and controls made by those in power, this is a very compelling book, but is equally easy to read. Patrice has a real way with words, she throws in the stuff that eases the worry of understanding bigger pictures with ease, you can just go with the story and feel it. Scenes of Crime. Helsby Library is lucky!


It is now 40 and still going strong, that itself is a good thing, an actual Library still open! It's also lucky that it has some superb librarians and a group of wonderful users who decided to do something special, they had all manner of fun during the day and cake! Then they decided to have a body in the library and invite a wonderful duo whoa re Ashley Dyer to come and help them solve the case. Ashley is police forensics expert and genuinely hilarious raconteur Helen Pepper and acclaimed crime writer Margaret Murphy, she founded the Murder Squad and they are 20 next year Most of us stupidly use Facebook not me for over 3 years , Twitter- yes I do, but I'd happily stop!

Instagram where we seem to get the most seen and noted by quite a factor per 'follower' compared with Twitter, which is really a waste of time, I think we all need to analyse why and how we use it anyway, IF we are doing events and we are 'friends' virtually at the least, then why don't folks RT and even endorse for their own followers, ANY extra person going to an event is important, just because you can't come or are also busy, doesn't mean spreading the word isn't a good thing to do, I RT a lot, please do check your feeds to check, but..

I politely ask, do you RT for me? Former Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis was far ahead of the curveball in this game. When Davis ran the American Football League as commissioner, Pye got a gig as the first black American to have administrative duties. When Davis took his coaching prowess to the Los Angeles Chargers as an assistant coach, Pye worked for him as a recruiter. Another area where Pye contributed to the Los Angeles sports scene was infiltrating the all-white press box at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

We went to the sports information directors; they said no. You had to be a member of the Coliseum Commission to be on the committee. So, we did, and we tried everything to integrate the press box. That is until Pye hitched up his connection bandwagon to Kenneth Hahn, a civil rights advocate and a highly influential mover and shaker member on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. When the Coliseum Commission voted overwhelmingly in favor of not allowing black reporters in the press box, Hahn had some choice words for his colleagues, Pye recalled. And when the time called for it, Pye had no qualms calling out prominent black athletes like Willie Mays on not speaking out about the daily injustices and atrocities that black Americans encountered during that time period.

The budding reporter turned his early passion for sports into a lifelong journey, eventually hammering out sports tidbits for over three decades with the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper.

The uninvited guest: Brad Pye Jr.’s fight for black press equality

Pye worked for Hahn as an assistant chief deputy. He made a run for a Los Angeles City Council seat in After leaving the Los Angeles Sentinel over a dispute, Pye returned to the historical publication in as sports editor emeritus. The Plain Dealing, Louisiana native, who once ran away from home at the age of 12, had done well for himself.

He also recorded another historic first with his employment with the American Football League. Dennis is editor and publisher of News4usonline. A news and sports reporter, Dennis has written about civil rights, education, government, crime, and social justice. He is a graduate of Howard University.

Skip to content. Dennis J. Wrongful death lawsuit targets Democratic donor Ed Buck. Shelve Past Lives. Book 7. Heroes and Villains by Christopher B. Liberty, America's most famous hero, is murdered… More. Shelve Heroes and Villains. Book 8. Connections by Christopher B. Hidden beneath Farraday City, safely out of sight… More. Shelve Connections. Book 9. Investigating a potential link between informatio… More.

Shelve First Do No Harm.

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Book The Sickness Within by Christopher B. CB and Jenny flee into the sewers beneath the cit… More. Shelve The Sickness Within. Allies and Enemies by Christopher B. David Bernard was once Sky Commando, high-flying… More.

Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests
Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests
Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests
Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests
Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests
Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests
Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests
Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests
Curveball Issue Four: Uninvited Guests

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